Bayshore Residential Resort 2 Phase 2

Construction Updates


As of June 2022

Ongoing Works:

Excavation Works: Completed

Civil/ Structural Works: Ongoing concreting of columns and shear wall at 8th to 9th Floor of Cluster E Area 3 

Architectural Works: Ongoing data wall installation at 14th to 15th Floor Cluster H 

Mechanical Works: Ongoing installation of toilet exhaust duct at 8th to 12th Floor Cluster H 

Electrical Work: Ongoing installation of hangers and supports, feeder line at Cluster F, G , H and I 

Plumbing/ Sanitary: Ongoing installation of vent pipes at 16th Floor Cluster G 

Fire Protection: Ongoing pipe-sleeves installation at 5th to 8th Floor of Cluster E  

Excavation Civil Works Building, Top-off, Start of Glass, Installation

 As of December 2023

Excavation Works: Completed

Civil/ Structural/Architectural Works: Substantially Completed

Electrical Works: Ongoing installation of lighting fixtures
at Clusters H and I

Mechanical Works: Ongoing installation of condensate
drain at Cluster G

Plumbing/ Sanitary: Ongoing installation of grease trap
at Cluster I

Fire Protection: Ongoing installation of sprinkler
heads at Cluster H, I, G and F